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Packaging Front Cartridge Contraption Akira Toriyama Phone Card Illustration Bustin' through the door, pantless, and ready for action! Mmm, yes. With your pointy hat and MY pointy hat, we'd be an unstoppable force! No, that's still not the right way to climb stairs. Canniboxes are known for sneaking up and nibbling on rump roast The hero secretly wanted to be in The Legend of Zelda. After much taunting, our hero finally realizes he needs a haircut. You want some of this hot fire? Haters Gonna Hate Packaging Back Akira Toriyama Cover Illustration Manual Front A Scene Typically Seen on Vans I really feel like somebody's watchin' me! Our Hero - Poised to go streaking through the gym during prom! Our hero learns Alefgard isn't welcoming to gingers. Look at me, all shiny 'n sharp! I spit white hot fire! Take a letter, Donna

All the rage, the new Commemorative Descendent of Roto Collectible Plate can be yours for $19.99+s/h! Evil Overlords Love to Make Mascara Run Hau, white man! Some guy. I don't know. I can't read Japanese. A sandy fairy. Not to be confused with a fairy named Sandy. Fashions from the Alefgard Collection Yield to Look at the Shields Special Chotskies You want a belt like that, don't you? Me too. Magical Mambo Why Alefgard is in Such Trouble This slime is a Goonie! Level Up! Herokabob Lovely Locations Teal Slime, I choose you! Now THAT'S how you play the game! Courvoisier - International Drink of Peace Bow down to a true pimp! Delicious Weapons Medley Why fight the Axe Knight? You can buy the full plate, paint it, and add some horns and a cape! Chotskies Even More Pieces of Flair MAHOTOON! The Secret Origin of Blue Dragon! Going Clubbing Batting the Bat Extra! Extra! Brofist! Monster Mash

Which spare head to use? There are just so many choices... Nothing gets our hero more fired up than shouting the names of lizards! Reach for your goals! Curse youuuu! Aw, and I waited forever to tell him what I wanted for Christmas... Type A and B Personalites And I'm backin' up, backin'upbackin'upbackin'up. 'Cause my daddy taught me good! Never, EVER allow some dirty furry to steal your girl! Ah, i see the Antiques Roadshow appraisal went well!

Slime Dracky Ghost Magician Skeleton Eyeder Droll Scorpion Golem Knight Chimaera Warewolf Dragon Dragon King Dragon King's Final Form

The Legendary Title Screen Rambling Around Radatome The Screen That Launched A Thousand Tired Captions and Subheads Bustin' makes me feel good! Getting Down With a Dracky Everyone Loves Laura Strolling Through the Countryside Sidestepping the Swamp Foraging for Flutes Differences Between Dragon Quest (1986) and Dragon Warrior (1989) Facing Forward With Twice The Detail Marvel at those two extra colors! Dragging Down a Dracky From these humble beginnings rose a successful chain of clothing stores! OMG Spoiler!!1! The Adventure Begins Swimming to Charlock Lounging at the Lake Spectacular Spelunking Remember, kids! Your grave isn't a grave until its's surrounded by commerce! Kickin' It on the Coast Making Your Way Towards the Mountain Pass Keeping Calm in Kol Kol's Five Star Sleep on the Floor Inn This title screen is sooo MSXY! Ramblin' 'Round Radatome Want a shadow with your highlight? Zooming Across The Great Plains Kol Prides Itself for its Bountiful Crop of Shrubberies This town is nothing but wizards and fatties!

Front Cover | Back Cover

Front Cover | Back Cover

Front Cover | Back Cover

Dragon Quest Suite
BY30-5121 October 5th, 1986
Total Run Time: 42:43

Orchestral Set
01 - Overture
02 - Chateau Radatome
03 - Townspeople
04 - Unknown World
05 - Fight
06 - Dungeon
07 - King Dragon
08 - Finale
Original Set
09 - Original Sound Medley
Synthesizer Set
10 - Overture
11 - Chateau Radatome
12 - Townspeople
13 - Unknown World
14 - Fight
15 - Dungeon
16 - King Dragon
17 - Finale

Front Cover | Back Cover

Dragon Quest Symphonic Suite
SVWC-7457 March 21st, 2007
Total Run Time: 43:04

Dragon Quest I Symphonic Suite
01 - Overture
02 - Chateau Radatome
03 - Townspeople
04 - Unknown World
05 - Battle
06 - Cave
07 - Dragon King
08 - Finale
Orchestral Medley
09 - Inn
10 - Victory
11 - Level Up
12 - Important Item
13 - Death
14 - Cursed
15 - Church
16 - Fairy Flute
17 - Laura's Love
18 - Rainbow Staff
19 - Rainbow Bridge
20 - Exit
21 - Inn
22 - Encounter
23 - Lottery Success
24 - Exit 2
25 - Echoing Flute
26 - Charm of Rubiss
27 - Save
28 - Jackpot
29 - Big Jackpot
30 - Super Jackpot
31 - Cursed
32 - Cured Curse
33 - Recollection of Love
34 - Boogie-Woogie
35 - Six Horns 1
36 - Six Horns 2
37 - Morning in Alefgard
38 - Silver Harp
39 - Sleeping Village
40 - Awakened
41 - Echoing Flute
42 - Sages Stone
43 - Padequia Seed
44 - Disease Restoration
45 - Chapter One Close
46 - Chapter Two Close
47 - Chapter Three Close
48 - Chapter Four Close
49 - Surprise!
50 - Falling Orb
51 - Fairy Horn
52 - Spring Breeze Flute
53 - Slime Race
54 - Demon World
55 - Ocarina
56 - Mystery Harp
57 - Roll Appearance
58 - Fever
Synthesizer Set
59 - Listen to My Song
60 - Recital
61 - Jingle Special Skill 1 - 5
62 - Monsters Appear

Dragon Quest TV Commercial

Circa 1986